GREX Tools GREX-2564 2-1/2" T-Nailer .087-.097 5/8 min

2564 - 2-1/2" Length Concrete T-Nailer

With the Grex 2564, you can fasten any combination of wood, steel and concrete. No need to use powder actuated tools, the 2564 has the power to drive fasteners with nothing more than air. Use nails with shank diameters from 0.082" to 0.097" - no adjustments necessary.


- Accepts 0.082" - 0.097" shank T-nails with no need to adjust.
- Fasten combinations of wood steel, and concrete.
- Lightweight die-cast body prevent arm fatigue during prolong use.
- Convenient side loading for quick fastener reloading.
- Removable nose cover provides easy access for clearing jams.
- Ergonomic comfort hand grip provides a firm grip on tool.
- High fastener capacity reduces frequency for reloading.
- Lightweight die-cast body prevents arm fatigue during prolong use.
- 360° adjustable exhaust cover allows use in any position.
- Safety mechanism prevents accidental firing of tool.


Dimensions: 11.75"L x 10.75"H x 3.75"W (29.8cm x 27.3cm x 9.5cm)

Weight: 5.7 lbs. (2.6 kgs.)

Operating Pressure: 70 ~ 100 psi (4.8 ~ 7 bars)

Fastener Type: 0.082" ~ 0.097" shank T-nails

Fastener Range: 5/8" ~ 2-1/2" (16mm ~ 64mm}

Fastener Capacity: approx. 80 nails

Air Inlet: 1/4" (6mm) NPT male plug


Tack strip installation for carpet laying, Joist hangers, Metal plates to trusses, Heavy duty window/door frames, Cabinet framing, Different combinations of wood, steel and concrete fastening.