Bosch ITDET252503 3 pc. Impact Tough 2.5 In. Torx #25 Double-Ended Bits


Bosch Impact Tough impact driver bits have been upgraded to deliver 10X life over standard impact bits. With an XTEND torsion zone, precision engineering and heat-treated manufacturing process, these bits deliver tough torque and power for longer – and with less cam out. These Impact Tough bits are an impact-rated line of screw driving bits, double-ended bits, nutsetters, sockets and bit holders that have been enhanced to handle a new generation of higher torque impact drivers. These bits also come with high-visibility sleeves for greater user convenience.


  • 10X life over standard impact bits
  • XTEND torsion zone helps to absorb high-torque of new impact drivers
  • Precision-engineered tips for a tighter fit and less cam out
  • Heat-treated manufacturing for stronger bit