Rali 9062-RALI Shark Box Set Large Blade

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9062-RALI Rali Shark Box Set Large Blade
It is a chisel with interchangeable blades.It comes with knives of varying widths which are extremely simple to change.
Saving space, weight and money, the RALI shark chisel is always perfectly sharpened and ready for use.
It can be used as a standard chisel, and as a cutting blade holder for standard T-shank jigsaw blades, allowing to cut a varying of material.

The RALIshark is a shark because, as the shark, the RALIshark replaces his teeth on a regular basis to keep them always perfectly sharp.
It has been presented in world premiere at the Holz 2010.

RALIshark has been nominated for the Innovation Award of the HOLZ 2010 and got the "coup de coeur"-Award at EuroBois 2013.

This kit also includes the Rali Scraper.