Freud FRE-D1472CF 14" 72 Tooth Steel Demon Cermet II Carbide Ferrous Metal Blade


Steel demon saw blades are specially designed for the extreme demands of ferrous metal cutting; thereby enabling precise cuts with no sparks and cool, burr-free edges. These blades feature Cerment ii blend teeth to deliver up to 3x the life of standard metal cutting carbide blades. With specialized unique features such as laser cut bodies, anti-vibration technology, Perma-Shield non-stick coating, and triple chip grind tooth design, Diablo's steel demon blade series provide unparalleled performance and superior quality cuts.


  • Cermet blend teeth for cutting metal withstands impact, reduces wear and lasts up to 3x longer than standard carbide blades
  • Improved laser cut stabilizer vents trap noise and vibration for maximum stability, keeping it cool and accurate in metal cutting applications
  • Triple chip metal cutting grind designed to maximize life, speed and durability for burr-free cuts in metal cutting applications
  • Tri-Metal shock-resistant brazing system allows metal cutting carbide tips to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability
  • Spark free cold cutting blades are “hot work” compliant saving you the time and hassle of obtaining a hot work permit for jobsites (check local laws)
  • MAX RPM 1'800