Nichigo G-Tape 4PN5009MTBK21 Black Gaffers Tape 2" x 82'


Product Description:

5009MTBK Gaffer’s tape is a Black matte tape for use in theater and film production. Along with having excellent adhesion, 5009MTBK leaves no residue behind like other rubber based tapes. Low residue means less cleanup time.

Key Features and benefits:

3-1) Easy to tear by hands straight - no cutting tool is required

3-2) Scrap-less (“face to face contact on adhesive sides” comes off clean)

3-3) Residue free removal from plastics, metals, hardwoods, tile , concrete and ceramics even after

1-2 month sun light exposure.

3-4) Repositionable - no wrinkles

3-5) ASTM E84 (UL723) : Class 1, Flame Spread Index 5, Smoke Developed Index 0


6-1) Masking for painting, stucco, mortar, and sealant indoor and outdoor

6-2) Surface and edge protection for metals, wood, plastic, stones, ceramics, glass, painted surfaces

6-3) Quick repair

6-4) A convenient tape for an emergency kid, outdoor activities, construction fields, home and school.

Cautions and How to Use:

7-1) Avoid prolonged contact with skin. May cause irritation.

7-2) Do not use as an electrical insulation tape.

7-3) TEST before using on some PVC, natural marble stones, decorated wooden boards, uncured coating or delicate surfaces. This tape may damage the surfaces and/or leave residue. Test before use if residue is a concern. A 91 % isopropyl alcohol (IPA) available at drug stores easily removes residue if any.

7-4) Use only clean, dry surfaces.

7-5) Store in a dark, dry, cool place.