Halder HAL-3379 Blackcraft Dead Blow Hammer w/ Polyurethane Covering



The head of the SUPERCRAFT mallet is filled with steel shot. This means that when the work piece is impacted, the energy of the shot is transferred with a slight delay. The reduced rebound allows the impact energy to be absorbed, resulting in extremely powerful impact without vibration which is much easier on your joints. Additionally, an advantage over steel mallets is the reduced noise level.

Hammer head integrated in a robust fully covering polyurethane coating, completely robot-welded, protects the work piece and prevents scratches as well as sparking in case of failures, high corrosion protection


Assembly and repair work in the automotive and truck sector, car body work, dent removal, positioning and adjusting of work pieces, straightening work, sheet-metal working, maintenance, repair and overhaul work, working on components with sensitive surfaces


  • Steel tube handle, fully sheathed with polyurethane, with ergonomic rubber grip