Husqvarna HUSQ-587344701 R1420 Diagrip Ringsaw Blade (K970-Ring)

Special Order

R1420 Diagrip™ ringsaw blade cut stone, hard to medium concrete and building brick. Diagrip™ ensures an optimal distribution of the diamonds and holds them in the segment longer. This enables the blades to have superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cut.


Blade specs
Type Wet
Blade diameter 370 mm
Max cutting depth 270 mm
Suitable for K 6500 Ring, K 970 Ring, K 3600 MK II


Number of segments 22
Assembly Laser welded
Segment height 10 mm
Segment base 2 mm
Segment length 33 mm
Segment width 4,2 mm
Diamond depth 8 mm