Makita MAK-F-33218 Wood to Wood Screws #8 - 2 inch - Zinc Coating



  • Available in various lengths to suit specific applications
  • Available in Master Cartons (600-1,000 Screws) or Job Packs (200 Screws)
  • Fine Thread screws are ideal for drywall or plaster materials to metal applications as they provide increased holding power versus coarsely threaded screws
  • Fine/Coarse Threads are ideal for applications requiring quick penetration and strong holding power.  Coarse threads near the point fasten the screw quickly, while the finer threads near the head of the screw provide a secure grip on the material.  Ideal for applications such as subfloors.
  • Zinc Coated screws are suitable for INTERIOR use only, including wood furniture and more.  They are rust resistant but should not be used for exterior applications.