Makita MAK-PC5000C 5" Concrete Planer

-Electronic Speed Control maintains constant speed under heavy load
-Soft Start feature gradually increases speed to eliminate start up shock
-Electronic Current Limiter eliminates motor burnout due to current overload
-Anti-Restart feature prevents tool from operating if it is plugged in when locked in the on position
-LED Light indicates active power supply and activation of Anti-Restart feature
-Easy to Operate Larger Trigger Switch with Lock On feature
-Removable Front Dust Cap enables operator to plane flush to walls and corners

Standard Equipment

Includes: Loop Handle (416256-9), 5" Offset Coarse Diamond Wheel (A-95009), Dust Bag Assembly (122853-8), Brush Set (194921-7), Wrench Holder (410047-0), Hex Wrench 5 (783203-8), Lock Nut Wrench 28 (782425-7)