Nichigo G-Tape 4PN2010BL1 2010BL Seaming Tape, Universal Tape, Repair, Patching


1. Product Description

Nichigo G-Tape 2010BL , 2010BK is a single sided tape built with a HDPE cloth laminated with

LDPE for house wrap seaming applications. Universal Repair , General Use G-Tape 2010BL

2010Bk is coupled with unique solvent acrylic adhesive provides user friendly handling and superior

physical properties compared with tapes. Waterproof Adhesive.

2. Key Features and benefits

1) Easy to tear by hands straight - no cutting tool is required

2) Scrap-less - face to face contact on adhesive sides comes off clean

3) Low water vapor transmittance

3) Repositionable - no wrinkles

4) High UV resistance

5) High dimensional stability

6) 1.97" x 165' Roll Dimensions

3. Technical Data

(*typical values, not for specification or guarantee purpose)

Peel Adhesion 180 Deg Peel
Total Thickness 6.3 mm, 160 micron
Stainless Steel 44 OZ/in (12 N/in)
Polyethylene Fabric 16 OZ/ in (4.3 N/in)
Tyvek 24 OZ/in (6.6N/in)
Shear Adhesion 24 hr w/ 2.2 lbs (1kg)
Tensile Strength 34 lb/ in (150N/25mm)
Elongation at Break 15%
WVTR  <1 perm
Application Temperature  -40 ~200 deg F (-40 ~ 93 deg C)

Testing Method : JIS Z0237 Harmonized PTSC

WVTR : JIS Z 0208 comparable to ASTM E96