Nichigo G-Tape 4PN3040BK41 3040BK Self-Adhering Flashing Tape, EXTREME SURFACE ADHESION, High UV exposure.


1. Product Description

Nichigo G-Tape 3040BK/WH is a self –adhering flashing tape used for installation of exterior wall fenestration products. G-Tape

304BK meets AAMA 711-07 Voluntary Specification for Self Adhering Flashing Tape for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration

Products, Type A (no primer), Class 3 ( exposed to 176 degree F) . G-Tape 3040 is constructed with a HDPE cloth laminated with

LDPE and, coupled with proprietary solvent acrylic adhesive, provides easy handling features without sacrificing mechanical strength

such as, dimensional stability, high tensile strength, and high weather resistance.

2. Key Features

  • 4" x 65' Roll Dimensions
  • Hand tear-able – no cutting tool is required
  • Light weight – 50-70 % lighter than conventional window flashing tapes
  • Repositionable – no wrinkles when applied
  • Scrap less - “face to face contact on adhesive sides” comes off clean
  • Clean – no black speck or stain, no asphalt scent
  • Excellent durability against UV rays / Approximately 300 days
  • Nail Sealable : Passed AAMA-711- 07 (ASTM D 1970)
  • Compatible with building sealants: Nichigo G-Tape is inert against sealant polymers, synthetic rubber compound, polyurethane, and silicone
  • High dimensional stability – no wrinkles caused by temperature fluctuation
  • Wide application temperature from -40 to 200 degree F.
  • High temperature resistance : No tensile strength losses after 45 weeks @ 194 degree F
  • Very strong adhesion to rough surface
  • Low water vapor transmittance : < 1 Perm ( 20ng/Pa/sec/m2)

3. Selected Properties

(*typical values, not for specification or guarantee purpose)

90 degree peel adhesion on OSB 18.0 Lbs/in >2.9 Lbs/in
90 degree peel adhesion on Aluminum 7.9 Lbs/In >1.5 Lbs/in
(After aged by UV for 14 days) 7.9 Lbs/in >1.5 Lbs/in
90 degree peel adhesion on PVC 4.7 Lbs/In >1.5 Lbs/in
90 degree peel adhesion on plywood 4.7 Lbs/In >1.5 Lbs/in
90 degree peel after 7 day @ 80 degree C 7.8 Lbs/in >1.5 Lbs/in
Cold Temperature Pliability No visible sign of crack No visible sign of crack
Nail Sealability after heat cycle No water leakage No water leakage