Stabila STAB-37832 Heavy-Duty Remodeler 58"/32" Level Set


Accuracy certified for both top and bottom readings. Strong, wide frame design. Locked-in vials are pre-calibrated. Removable rubber end caps for flush measuring. Caps grip walls and prevent gouges in drywall. Oversized rubber hand-holds for comfort. Accuracy guaranteed for life.

Stabila levels are unparalleled with regard to their accuracy and dependability. The secret - the vials made of block acrylic glass are firmly epoxy-locked in the frame. A perfect system. The vial is firmly cast in the high strength aluminum frame with non-shrink epoxy. No re-adjustment, no realignment, no tensioning against springs made of steel or fatigued plastic, no welding or clamping stresses.


  • Unique vial design: bright and easy to read
  • Vials will not leak, break or fog
  • Vials read the same in all positions
  • Dual material handholes for comfort and grip
  • Shock-absorbing endcaps: prevent slipping
  • Removable rubber endcaps to carry lines tight into corners
  • Electrostatic Enamel Finish, baked on tough
  • Cleans up with water and brush
  • Guaranteed for Life
  • Made in Germany