Stihl STIHL-70028880204 Headband Ear Muff H9


The H9 headband earmuffs provide lightweight hearing protection for all day comfort. With patented liquid and foam filled cushions, the H9 ear muffs ensure quality high level noise protection across a wide range of applications.

The H9 headband is designed for maximum comfort, with a stainless steel headband which features four point suspension. This helps to evenly distribute weight for comfortable use over a prolonged period, while the ear cups pivot for a perfect fit.

Typical tasks where the H9A earmuffs may be used include lawn mowing and metal fabrication.


  • Lightweight, comfortable and cost-effective protection
  • Patented liquid & foam filled cushions for quality noise seal
  • Stainless steel headband with four point suspension for comfort
  • Ear cups pivot for consistent fit
  • For use in general industry