Stihl STL-MS441CM-24 MS441CM Chainsaw 24

Shipping is not available for this product. In-Store pickup only. Please call to place your order.

Shipping is not available for this product. In-store pickup only.

The MS 441 C-M is STIHL’s state-of-the-art engine technology chain saw model featuring M-Tronic, a fully electronic engine management system that intelligently compensates for variations in altitude, temperature and fuel quality by automatically monitoring and adjusting the fuel-air mix for optimal performance in all conditions. Equipped with an advanced anti-vibration system. Designed for professionals who need reliability and performance in all weather conditions. Also available with wrap handle or VW version with heated handles and carburetor.

Technical data

Displacement (cc) 70.7
Power output (kW/bhp) 4.2 / 5.7
Weight (kg / lbs) 1) 6.6 / 14.6
Featured price bar (in) 16

1) without fuel, bar and chain