Occidental OCC-9515 Adjust To Fit Oxylight Framer

Occidental Leather Adjust-to-Fit Oxylight Framer.

The classic framing bags (B8017DB tool bag and the patented*B8064 fastener bag) attached to the most comfortable tool belt we make. This unique belt is adjustable for seasonal size changes from 32" to 40". Features the removable High Mount Hammer Holder (5059) on rear.

Constructed of rugged commercial nylon and high-density neoprene padding with extra wide hip areas. Employs a unique nylon cross over system that provides an “adjust to fit” feature that locks into place. A fully adjustable tool belt which provides one belt for all seasons and provides a full range of adjustment. Fixed bags don’t slip around.


Fully Adjustable for Pant Waist 32” to 40”
Allows for Seasonal Clothing Changes
D Rings Pre-Installed for Use with Suspension Systems
Hand-Specific Tool Holders Promote Maximum Working Rhythm on the Job
Designed with Hand Specific Tool Holders
Padded Two Ply Bags Keep Their Shape
Extremely Abrasion Resistant Industrial Nylon
Leather Tool Holders and Corner Reinforcing
Made in USA


Pockets & Tool Holders : 21
Tool Belt Sizes : Adjust-to-Fit”
Weight : 4.1 lbs.
Left handed model available as 9515LH
Fastener Bag Dimensions
Main Bag : 10" x 8"
Outer Bag : 9" x 6"
Upper Bag : 5" x 4.5"
Tool Bag Dimensions
Main Tool Bag : 10" x 8"
Outer Bag : 5" x 5.5"