Bosch BOS-ROS10 5in 2.2A Random Orbit Sander

SAVE: $10.00
Twist-Off Dust Canister - Durable, compact canister shows dust level and easily detaches.

Bosch Microfilter System - Optimal on-board system for filtering fine dust. Traps particles as small as a 1/2 micron in diameter.

Hook-Tight - Hook and Loop Disc Attachment - Over 35,000 long-life hooks ensure firm grip of disc, (up to 2x the standard number of hooks.)

Random Orbit Sanding Action - Combination of pad orbit and rotation deliver well-blended, ultra-smooth finish with fast removal rate.

Soft Microcellular Backing Pad - Pliable pad ensures a smooth, fine finish on flat or contoured surfaces.

Integral Pad Dampening System - Pad braking system prevents swirl marks.

Comfortable Soft-Grip Top and Body - Multiple grip positions to prevent hand fatigue.

Low-Vibration Design - Engineered for smooth running and user comfort.

Uses Industry-Standard 8-Hole 5in Hook and Loop Discs - Compatible discs are widely available.

Anti-Spillback Canister Design - Minimizes dust spillback into sander.

Includes RS034 soft sanding pad, RS028 microfilter dust canister, VAC002 vacuum hose adapter, sanding disc