Bosch BOS-HCFC2040 SDS+ 1/4X4 X5L Full Head Carbide Masonry Bit

  • Diffusion bonding technology provides stronger carbide bond for the longest-lasting bit
  • 4X life in all concrete types and concrete with rebar
  • Wear mark assures hole diameter tolerance for anchoring applications
  • Centric conical tip results in precise hole diameters
  • 4X life in rebar and 40% more life in concrete than competitive full head carbide bits
  • Faster drilling speed versus 2 cutter
  • Less Carbide Wear than 2 cutter means an end user is more productive with a single bit
  • Solid tungsten carbide head with four cutter geometry - extraordinary lifetime and high drilling speed in concrete and concrete with rebar - No jamming when hitting rebar - Optimized for heavy duty rotary hammers
  • Stress Optimized flute surface and geometry - For fast dust removal, high power transmission, and optimized stress behavior, no overstraining.