Package Deals

Purchasing a package deal is the best way to buy Festool products if you are starting a home workshop or adding another installer or carpenter to your fleet. This is the only way to get a discount on Festool Products (5%).

You will also receive FREE shipping when you buy a Festool package!

So what is a package?

1. Any Dust Extractor and tool with a Vac Port (all tools except Drills and Oscillating Tool)
2. A MFT/3 may also be packaged with either the TS75 or TS55

How do I get my 5% discount?

Select the tool you are interested in, and scroll through the packages available in the drop-down menu.
The price will reflect the package INCLUDING the 5% discount. No additional adjustments are necessary. 

Thank you and please contact us if you have any further questions regarding Festool Packages available or Package Pricing.