Freud FRE-D1216LFC 12" x 16-Tooth Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tipped Ultimate Flooring Blade


 Specially designed for cutting laminate, the 12 in. x 16-Tooth Diablo PergoBlade features a unique Polycrystalline Diamond-tipped tooth geometry for exceptional durability in sawing highly abrasive materials. Engineered to outlast ordinary carbide-tipped blades, this chop saw blade effortlessly cuts through laminate planks to create finely honed edges without burnout. Also suitable for cutting bamboo, hardwood and engineered flooring, the Perma-SHIELD nonstick coating on this blade reduces drag so there is minimal friction and heat buildup.

  • Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Teeth with unique tooth geometry delivers exceptional cutting performance
  • High-tech anti-kickback design re-enforces the tooth for longer life
  • Laser-cut anti-vibration design reduces vibration and stabilizes the blade
  • Perma-SHIELD nonstick coating reduces drag and shields the blade against heat and friction
  • Ideal for cutting flooring materials such as laminate, hardwood, engineered flooring, bamboo and wood
  • Approved by the Pergo brand for cutting their flooring material
  • For use with miter, slide miter and table saws
  • Stands up to heavy-duty use for large project installs
  • Red saw blades are a registered trademark of Freud America, Inc.