DeWALT DW5821 1-1/8X10X1513012SDS MAX Bit


SDS Max High Impact Carbide 4 Cutter Drill Bits are manufactured with IRON BLAST TECHNOLOGY, a process that strengthens the bit to resist fatigue and results in extreme durability. The redesigned, 4-cutter carbide head offers 2X longer life and even stands up to rebar strikes. These bits are made in Germany and are GUARANTEED TOUGH – so tough that we are offering a NO BREAK GUARANTEE. If you have our bits, we have your back.

  • Extreme durability: IRON BLAST TECHNOLOGY strengthens the bit
  • 2X longer life: Full carbide head in 4 cutter design
  • Stands up to rebar strikes: Redesigned head geometry to withstand rebar strikes
  • Wear mark indicator: For accurate diameter of holes
  • NO BREAK GUARANTEE: If your bit fails for any reason while the wear mark is still visible, we'll replace it (excludes: DW5861, DW5830, DW5831)