DiamondBack ToolBelt DBT-DB5-1 The Denali - Ultimate Framer


The Denali, formerly known as the UFO - Ultimate Framer’s Outfit, is just that.  This rig comes with the right balance of tool and fastener storage for the guys with the guns. Paired with a set of Diamondback Suspenders, you’ll be set to shoulder the day’s work in comfort.


  • Built-in drill index
  • Right -side sealed pocket

Hammer loop, two tool loops, speed square divider, open tape pocket, second and third pockets, 6 tool slots, a drill index and a hammer holster on the right with all the storage you could need for fasteners and consumables plus a speed square on the left with a flat bar holster tucked in back of the left pouch.  All strapped onto our 6” Diamondback Belt with the Cobra Quick Release Buckle.


Choose from Black or Ranger Green pouches.  Left Hand models are available as special orders.  


Elias Pouch, Wrangell Pouch, 6” Belt with Cobra Quick Release Buckle