Dimar DIM-12-72-NF 12in Dia, Carbide Tipped, Non Ferrous Saw Blade, .126" (3.2mm) Kerf, 72 Teeth, MTCG


For cutting aluminum sheets, tubing extrusions, and other nonferrous metals such as copper, brass, lead, and magnesium. For smooth cutting, use lots of lubricants and a clamping device.

Note: The material must be clamped firmly to the table on both sides during the cutting operation. The use of coolant is very important.

  • Carbide tipped for maximum performance
  • This blade is furnished with a Negative 6° hook angle for a reasonable finish
  • This hook angle prevents self-feeding of materials and gives the operator maximum control over the feed of the cut


  • Diameter 12"
  • Teeth 72
  • Kerf (B) .126” (3.2mm)
  • Bore 1"
  • Grind MTCG- Modified Triple Chip Grind
  • Hook Angle - 6°
  • Technology Carbide Tipped
  • Material Non-Ferrous Material
  • Tools Miter Saw, Sliding Miter Saw , Radial Arm Saw, Stationary Table Saw, Vertical Panel Saw
  • Max. RPM 4,400