Fein FEIN-63502232270 3Pk 50Mm E-Cut Precision BIM Blade


Bimetal with double-row Japanese toothing for all wood materials, drywall and soft plastics. Increased service life and strength. Fastest work performance and maximum precision.
Medium width for numerous applications.


  • FEIN cordless MultiTalent QuickStart (AFMT 12 QSL)
  • FEIN MultiMaster Cordless (AFMM 18 QSL)
  • FEIN MultiTalent Start Q (FMT 250 QSL)
  • FEIN MultiMaster Top (FMM 350 QSL)
  • FEIN MultiMaster Start Q (FMM 350 QSL)
  • FEIN MultiMaster QuickStart (FMM 350 QSL)