Fein FEIN-63903238210 Starlock Max Cutting Blade SLM 68x1mm


The Fein Starlock Max Cutting Blade SLM 68x1mm (63903238210) is the new standard for multitool applications. This accessory is color coded for easy identification. The cutting blade features a straight, long shape for deep joints. The Starlock Max system directly fits post 03/2016 Fein and Bosch oscillating multi-tools. This accessory is designed with a future proof "cake tin" pattern that gives it a more secure three dimensional connection for maximum stability, precision, and performance. The accessory information is laser etched onto the blade surface and each blade is designed to give the best performance and be backwards compatible.

  • Directly fits post 03/2016 FEIN & BOSCH highest performing oscillating multitools
  • Also fits: FEIN AFSC 18 QSL, FEIN AFSC 18 QCSL, FEIN FSC 500 QSL and Bosch GOP 55-36.
  • Pre 2016 SuperCut machines will require an adapter
  • Future proof 'cake tin' pattern
  • Laser etching
  • Backward compatible
  • High performance