Fein FEIN-63502236270 35Mm E-Cut Carbide Pro Sl Blade 3Pk


TiN coated hard metal plunge cut saw blade with outstanding wear resistance. 100% higher service life compared to non-coated hard metal saw blades. 30 times longer lifespan compared to HSS saw blades. The perfect choice for hard materials such as ferrous metals, stainless steel or copper pipes. Can even be used for tempered screws (Spax) and high-strength machine screws. Also ideal for abrasive materials like brick, masonry and cement fiber slabs, not to mention laminate, CFRP and GFRP. Strong cutting performance and cutting quality in all wood materials such as hardwood and particle board. Narrow, waisted shape for optimal cutting speed and good swarf removal.


  • FEIN MultiTalent Start Q (FMT 250 QSL)
  • FEIN Professional-Set Wood (FSC 500 QSL)
  • FSC 500 QSL (FSC 500 QSL)
  • FEIN cordless MultiTalent QuickStart (AFMT 12 QSL)
  • FEIN MultiMaster Cordless (AFMM 18 QSL)
  • FEIN MultiMaster Top (FMM 350 QSL)
  • FEIN MultiMaster QuickStart (FMM 350 QSL)
  • FEIN MultiMaster Start Q (FMM 350 QSL)