Fein FEIN-72295288090 FMM350QSL Multimaster Promo

(You save $29.01 )

Special Edition MultiMaster Set

  • Offers great value and features blades and accessories not included in other sets, such as the new Carbide TiN Pro blade.
  • With electronic speed control, 35% more power, 70% less vibration and 50% quieter, the FMM 350 QSL multi-tool easily surpasses the competition.
  • Its Starlock snap-fit mount allows for easy blade changes and the best torque transfer from the tool to the cutting edge of the blade. 
  • Tool-free accessory changes in 3 seconds!
  • The Fein Multimaster is the most versatile power tool on the market and with this set, you can tackle most jobs right out of the box.

Price Includes:

  • 1 FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350 QSL
  • 1 E-Cut Saw blade SL Curved HCS 50x35mm (set exclusive)
  • 1 E-Cut Saw blade SL E-Cut Curved HCS 50x65mm (set exclusive)
  • 1 E-Cut Saw blade SL E-Cut Long-life BIM 50x35mm
  • 1 E-Cut Saw blade SLP E-Cut Precision BIM 50x65mm
  • 1 E-Cut Saw blade SLP E-Cut Universal BIM 60x28mm
  • 1 E-Cut TiN Carbide Pro (set exclusive)
  • 1 Segment saw blade SL HSS Dia. 85mm
  • 1 Multi-cutter knife SL (set exclusive)
  • 1 Perforated sanding pad SL
  • 3 each of grits 60, 80, 120 & 180 perforated triangular sanding sheets
  • 1 tool case