Festool FES-202096 Replacement Track Saw Dust Port For Use With Dust Bag



Convert your Festool TS 55 REQ, TS 55 EQ or TS 75 EQ to work with the new Festool dust bag. This dust port will also work with standard Festool dust extraction hoses.

This replacement dust port has a special dust bag connector that can be used with Festool Dust Bag (500393), sold separately or as a TS 55 REQ and TS 75 EQ conversion kit. To install, you will need to remove the blade housing from your saw and swap the original dust port with the one in this kit. The dust port fitting is keyed, so you may need to rotate the port for it to fit properly.

WARNING: Follow proper safety steps, including removing all power from the saw before performing this upgrade. If you need assistance, please contact Festool support.