Festool FES-204844 Systainer3 SYS3 M 337



  • cover for label field


  • proven systainer storage system

100% mobile:
Quick and efficient transportation of all tools and materials in the workshop and on the construction site – everything to hand and organized in the best possible manner.

Simply practical:
Tools, accessories and consumables are optimally protected, clearly stored and easy to transport in the Systainer³. Thanks to the established T-LOC operating element, it can be closed, opened and connected in a single movement.

Systems get it done
Systainer³ products are compatible with one another and can be connected to all previous Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors and many other system accessories.

Practical pull-out aid
With the Systainer³ heights 237, 337 and 437, the pull-out aid ensures that the Systainer can be easily removed from a rack.

Ergonomic transportation
The front carrying handle allows for ergonomic carrying close to the body. For Systainer³ M 112, M 137, M 187 and L 137.

Open, close, connect with a single turn
All Systainer³ can be connected to one another and to other generations. The content is accessible at all times, without having to disconnect them first.

A tidy storage system
Systainer³ units can be connected to many other system accessories, e.g. mobile dust extractors.

All-round protection
Everything is effectively protected against dust, water splashes or changes in temperature in the Systainer³.

Professional appearance
From the workshop right through to the construction site – always perfectly organized. This will also impress your customers.

Simply better organization
Systainer³ units offer a variety of ways improve organization and provide an overview. Different size and height variants are available.

Clear marking
Labelling panels for inserting business cards or labels are easy to design individually and print out.

Contents security
Thanks to the integrated latch, the content of the Systainer³ can be locked securely.