Festool FES-DTS400-GR-KIT DTS400 Granat Sanding Paper Set

FestoolShop is proud to provide prepackaged sandpaper kits. These kits consist of sandpaper for the DTS400 triangular sander, with grits ranging from 80G to 400G in the Granat series paper. All enclosed in a Sys 1 systainer with the sandpaper seperator to organize and store all paper.
20 x 80 Grit (FES-497137)
20 x 120 Grit (FES-497138)
20 x 150 Grit (FES-497139)
20 x 180 Grit (FES-497140)
20 x 220 Grit (FES-497141)
20 x 320 Grit (FES-497143)
20 x 400 Grit (FES-497144)
Three Years of coverage. 48 Hours Turnaround Period.