Festool FES-574447 DF 700 EQ-Set Domino Joiner XL

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Create strong mortise and tenon joinery quickly and easily anywhere with the Domino Joiner. Ideal for furniture, doors and windows, architectural details, and anywhere else strong wood joinery is required.

Fast and simple
Using built-in presets for depth and width, mortises can be cut in seconds for a perfect fit of Domino tenons regardless of material or grain direction.

Perfect alignment
Either the adjustable fence or bottom of the base can be used for registration in setting the height of the mortise, and the fence height can be set with the stepped stop for common material thicknesses, or with the scale. Lateral positioning is achieved using any of the six retractable pins, accessory Cross Stops, or by using the hairline cursor on the fence.

Accurately-placed mortises and tight-fitting tenons ensure accurate relative positioning, so edges and faces that are supposed to be flush really are flush. This makes mitre joints especially easy to assemble and clamp without specialized corner clamps.

Ready to use Domino tenons
Made of extremely strong rift-sawn beech or sipo mahogany for rot resistance, Domino floating tenons are precisely sized to fit mortises created by the Domino Joiner. The embossed faces hold glue and ribs on the edges allow a pressure fit against the sides of a narrow mortise. They are rotation-proof and offer more glue surface than dowels or biscuits.

Make mortises from 8 to 14 millimetres
The size of the mortise is controlled by the cutter installed. The included 12 millimetre bit is ideal for 1-1/2 inch thick material, and optional 8, 10 and 14 millimetre cutters can make mortises ideal for material 1 inch thick or thicker.

Sliding depth stop
Control the depth of cut by sliding the depth stop to any position on the scale where it will automatically lock into a detent, ensuring perfect repeatability. Adjustable limit stops allow you to quickly switch between two settings while reducing error, such as when cutting deep mortises in table aprons and shallow mortises in the legs.

Ergonomic design
Despite being larger and heavier than the DF 500, the Domino XL is just as easy to position and control thanks to the exceptional ergonomics. The front, forward-biased T-handle helps ensure proper registration and large rear handle allows a controlled advancement of the cutter into the workpiece.

Exceptional dust collection
Paired with a dust extractor, chips are effectively removed as they are created which keeps the bit cool to prolong its lifespan and keep the workplace clean.

Compatible with knock-down connectors
Festool has developed a line of knock-down connectors for use with the Domino joiners, ideal for creating anything that needs to be broken down for transport or storage.

Scope of delivery

  • DF 700 EQ Domino Joiner
  • Cross Stop
  • Trim Stop
  • 12 millimetre cutter
  • 12 millimetre wrench
  • Right angle support bracket
  • 4 metre Plug-it power cable
  • Systainer SYS 5 T-Loc with organizational insert
  • 2x Domino bins and 4x dividers


  • 70 millimetres (2-3/4 inches) maximum depth
  • 27 millimetre (1-1/16 inch) dust extraction connection diameter
  • 5.2 kilograms (11.46 pounds)
  • 10 to 50 millimetre (3/8 to 1-15/16 inch) fence range
  • 720 watts