Festool FES-577116 Planex Easy Drywall Sander, CT 36 AC Dust Extractor, and Abrasives Systainer Bundle


Festool 577116 Planex Easy, CT 36 AC, & Abrasive Assortment in Systainer Kit Includes:

  • (1) Planex Easy Sander
  • (1) CT 36 AC HEPA Dust Extractor
  • (1) SYS3 M 337 Systainer
  • 205655 - Granat for 9" (225mm) Sanders, 80 Grit, 25-Pack
  • 205657 - Granat for 9" (225mm) Sanders, 120 Grit, 25-Pack
  • 205659 - Granat for 9" (225mm) Sanders, 150 Grit, 25-Pack
  • 205662 - Granat for 9" (225mm) Sanders, 220 Grit, 25-Pack
  • (1) StickFix 215mm sanding pad
  • (1) Storage bag
  • (1) Manual
  • (1) 11-1/2" Smooth Sleeved Antistatic Planex Hose
  • (1) Filter Bag
  • (1) Micron Filter

Festool 571935 Planex Easy Drywall Sander

  • Simple set-up and intuitive controls let you focus on results
  • Covered by Festool-exclusive 3-year Service All-Inclusive warranty
  • Flexible head design allows greater freedom-of-movement for easier sanding
  • Uses same Granat abrasives as the classic Planex Drywall Sander
  • Low weight and perfect balance reduce fatigue
  • Direct-drive EC TEC brushless motor provides power to the surface without a flexible cable for less downtime with less weight

Simplify the drywall sanding experience with the Planex easy Drywall Sander. This single-piece machine features easy plug-in and go design this is both easy to set up and easy to use. Intuitive controls combine with exceptional balance and low weight to make the task of drywall sanding easier than ever. Enjoy greater freedom-of-movement and longevity with the direct-drive EC TEC brushless motor with its motor-over-pad design and flexible head joint. There are no flexible drive cables and no carbon brushes on the motor which need replaced. Removable top section allows for up-close sanding to abutting surfaces such as inside edges. Reduce jobsite clean-up while working in a cleaner environment thanks to the integrated dust extraction design that captures dust at the surface (when attached to a dust extractor). Fully compatible with existing Planex abrasives.

Just unpack, plug in, and go. The Planex easy is designed from the ground up to be quick and easy to operate with no assembly. Single-piece design (63") coupled with intuitive, easy-to-use controls for ease-of-use. Flexible sanding head, great balance, and low weight (8.8 lbs) reduce fatigue while providing exceptional flexibility to sand in nearly any position.

Power through jobs easily and without downtime thanks to the direct-drive Brushless EC TEC motor. The direct-drive, over-the-pad motor provides greater flexibility and durability over flexible cable shaft designs without power lag. The brushless motor is light, powerful, and long lasting. And we back this up with Festool's exclusive 3-year Service All-Inclusive warranty.

Festool 576760 CT 36 AC HEPA Dust Extractor

  • Automatic filter cleaning technology ensures maximum suction when used with Planex Drywall Sander, 1 micron high-performance filter
  • Automatic Tool Start & adjustable suction with tool triggered or manual on-off switch and infinitely variable suction force, can be used wet or dry
  • Supplied with lightweight 11-1/2 foot long anti-static hose that is flexible and kink-resistant and will minimize shock hazards as well as reduce static cling
  • Sys-dock and hose garage feature allows for the storage and transport of Festool Systainers (not included) on the top of the flat, low-profile unit
  • Large wheels, low center of gravity, and ergonomically balanced design allows you to move the CT effortlessly around the jobsite

No more clogged filters – the AUTOCLEAN (AC) automatic main filter cleaning keeps the filter clean and provides a continuously high suction power. The CT 36 AC is designed to be used with the PLANEX and PLANEX easy drywall sanders. With its huge container capacity of 36 l, the CT 36 AC provides maximum volume and a high degree of flexibility. Equipped with swiveling castor wheels and rear wheels for optimum mobility. It also has a locking brake that provides stability on any surface as well as during transport. The flat filter fully integrated in the suction head ensures the full volume is utilized: This means that the gross and net container volumes are virtually identical. The extremely compact high-performance turbine provides the right suction power. A 137 CFM (3900 l/min) volume flow means that nothing remains except clean air.

Outfitted with both a HEPA filter and automatic filter-cleaning mechanism the powerful CT 36 E HEPA AC is perfect for working with high volume dust tasks and larger machines such as track saws, routers, hammer drills, and for those tasks, as defined by OSHA Table 1, related to silica dust.

With 137 CFM and a super quiet 62 dB (low setting) the Festool CT 36 AC is a specialty dust extractor designed to the mate with the Planex Drywall Sander. It's nearly 10 gallon capacity is combined with an auto cleaning feature that knocks dust free from the filter ensuring maximum suction throughout the work process. This ensures maximum suction even when collecting very fine dust particles, such as drywall dust. The frequency of the filter cleaning is controlled by a dial and can be turned off allowing the CT 36 AC to be used as a regular dust extractor.

Festool SYS-STF-D225 Systainer3 M 337 with Planex Abrasive Assortment

Work more efficiently by neatly storing all of the things that every project, whether in the shop or on the site, require while reducing wasted time searching for what you need. With the Systainer System and it’s ability to be stacked and connected with a twist of the T-LOC latch it’s never been easier to move tools, accessories and consumables to where you need them.

Abrasive Assortment Includes: 205655, 205657, 205659, 205662 Packed Inside Systainer

  • 205655 - Granat for 9" (225mm) Sanders, 80 Grit, 25-Pack
  • 205657 - Granat for 9" (225mm) Sanders, 120 Grit, 25-Pack
  • 205659 - Granat for 9" (225mm) Sanders, 150 Grit, 25-Pack
  • 205662 - Granat for 9" (225mm) Sanders, 220 Grit, 25-Pack

Thanks to its amazing versatility and durability, Festool's Granat abrasive is gaining a reputation as the "ultimate abrasive". Originally designed for solvent-based high-VOC surfaces and paints, its anti-clogging properties are well-suited for a broad range of applications, including clear coats, composites, mineral and solid surfaces. Granat is Festool's longest lasting and highest performing abrasive and is well suited for nearly all applications, including bare wood, paints, most modern paint systems, VOC clear coats, plastic materials, solid surface materials, acrylics, and composites.