Freud FRE-LU94M008 8" 64 Tooth Full Kerf MTCG Plexiglass & Plastics Blade


Freud's Plexiglass and Plastics Blades cut acrylics, polycarbonates and other plastics, leaving a smooth finish without melting. By combining micrograin carbide tips with specially modified triple chip grind these blades will give a clean smooth cut. These blades produce less heat keeping the cut edge crisp.

  • Silver ICE coating reduces friction and heat build-up for longer blade life
  • Modified Triple Chip Grind tooth design enables material to remain cool while cutting, eliminating melting
  • Negative hook angle produces a superior finish without grabbing the material
  • Recommended for cutting plexiglass and plastics as well as chip board, plywood and laminate
Series: LU94
Arbor Size: 5/8 in.
Blade Type: Wood, Laminate, Plastic
Coating: Silver ICE
Diameter: 10 in.
Grind Type: MTCG
Kerf: 0.11 in.
Plate Thickness: 0.087 in.
Teeth: 64