Husqvarna HUSQ-542761261 7" TSD-C Dri Disc Ceramic Tile Wet/Dry Cutting Diamond Blade


TSD-C is our most economical blade for dry cutting most ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain tile, granite, marble and other similar materials, recommended for grout cleaning between tiles and is for small to large jobs.


  • High-quality Finishing Cut: Continuous rim blade geometry to provide a high-quality cut with no chipping of the cutting edges
  • Ideal for Long Cutting: The maximum cutting length of 700 mm and the large cutting table allows you to cut 50 x 50 cm tiles diagonally.


Arbor size 5/8"
Blade diameter 7"
Diamond type Wet cutting
Wet or dry application Wet/Dry
Blade configuration Continuous
Segment height 0.2"
Segment width 0.06"
Suitable for use with TS 60, TS 70, TS 90 Tile Saws Tilematic TS 250 X3