Husqvarna HUSQ-574429101 5" Dry Polishing 200 Grit P 1200 Series for Handheld Machines



  • High gloss efficiency
    • Compared to other polishing pads, this series results in higher gloss and clarity levels, achieved in only 1 pass. This allows you to save time and tooling, resulting in a lower cost/sqm as well as a higher gloss level.
  • Specified for HiPERFLOOR
    • The unique combination of high quality diamond and resin composition provides the best results, and makes this series well suited for HiPERFLOOR, specified for the Premium, Commercial and Industrial Finish floors.
  • Dry polishing 
    • Dry polishing of concrete and cement based terrazzo floors.
  • Comprehensive range
    • Avaliable in both 75 mm for machines and 125 mm pads for angle grinders, all levels of polish can be achieved.
  • Easy to change tools
    • The velcro backing means that resin pads can easily be switched between different tool sets.
  • Smooth but active grinding
    • Specifically designed hexagonal segments for smoother but active grinding.

Recommended materials

Optimal: Concrete medium

Good: Concrete hard and concrete soft