IVAC IVAC-R115240NA Pro Remote

BCT iVAC has developed the iVAC Pro Remote control unit for the iVAC Pro system. The iVAC Pro Remote has an ON and an OFF button which will trigger the iVAC Pro SWITCH module in the same way as the iVAC Pro TOOL does. It can be used to provide a basic, manually operated remote controlled system. It is also often used to control the dust collector from a floor sweep station.

You will set a Tool Address for the REMOTE (from 1 – 8). It comes complete with batteries and a belt clip for convenient use while in the workshop. it is large & easy to see (yellow). It has FCC / IC certification.

Using the REMOTE will enable you to ensure that your Dust Collection system is always just a ‘click away’ for those times that you’re using tools without the iVAC Pro TOOL modules.


Easy to operate individual ON and OFF buttons
Bright Yellow color
Convenient Belt Clip included


Size - 90mm x 70mm x 25mm

Dip Switch so you can program System Address & Tool Address and use it on the iVAC Pro System

2 CR2032 batteries included - designed to last up to 25,000 operations over 3yrs before they need to be replaced

Range (RF), 40’ line of sight

Maximum ambient operating temperature, 30C

Regulatory approval