Laguna LAG-MBAND1414200 3000 Series 14" SUV Bandsaw, 14" Resaw, 3HP

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The 3000 series is the 3rd generation of award-winning design.

Two years in the making & engineered without compromise, we like to point out the Laguna advantage:

Frame is stiffer, which allows for more tension and equals straighter cuts.
Quick release tenstion is designed for extreme tenstion yet very smooth.
Wheels are solid cast iron.
Guides have no moving parts.
Extreme Resaw capacity.
Dynamically balanced cast iron wheels and massive center hub. Sealed oversized bearing.
Double t-slots. Hi-Low fence rides solid steel bar.
Trunnion is a master piece made with 7/8" wide gears and nitrogen gas cylinder.

Motor: 3 HP 220V  Motor
Resaw Height: 14"
Throat: 13 1/2"
Dust Ports: 4" x 2
Quick Release Tension: Yes
Foot Brake With Micro Switch: Yes
Nitrogen Cylinder Table Tilt: Yes
Table Size: 15 3/4" x 19 1/2"
Table Height: 35.5"
Blade Length: 125"
Total Height: 70"
Weight: 380 lbs