SuperMax SMX-91267 Superbrush 24 220V, 1PH

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The SuperMax SuperBrush 24-Inch Single Brush Sander with 80-Grit Dense Flatter Brush is a multi-purpose tool that can handle most metal cleaning or finishing tasks. It has a variable speed conveyor and brush head that let you prepare surfaces for paint or create a variety of decorative finishes. The SuperBrush 24-inch single brush sander has a 208/230V 1phase 5-horsepower totally enclosed fan-cooled brush motor and a direct-drive, 0 to 15 feet per minute conveyor motor that provides 100 inch-pounds of torque. Easy-to-use controls and a quick-change brush minimize downtime for tool adjustments. Like all SuperMax brush sanders for sale, this product features a reinforced steel conveyor bed with a poly belt, precision brush height adjustment and adjustable tension rollers, so it feeds materials consistently and accurately. Its hinged dust cover has a 4-inch vacuum port that provides excellent debris removal. This SuperMax brush sander machine can handle materials up to 24 inches wide and 1/32 to 11 inches thick. It has a 10-inch minimum stock length.


  • Infinitely variable brush speed and conveyor feed rate allows for a wide variety of finishes
  • Quickly change brush heads or abrasive loadings
  • Fully adjustable tension rollers prevent stock slippage
  • Reinforced steel conveyor bed with a poly conveyor belt
  • Precision height adjustment
  • Bristle Contact Gauge included


Sanding Capacity Maximum Width (in): 24, 36, or 49
Minimum Length (in): 10
Maximum Thickness (in): 11, varies with brush style
Minimum Thickness (in): 1/32
Dimensions HxWxD (in): 24” model: 52 x 46 x 35
36” model: 52 x 58 x 35
49” model: 50 x 71 x 31
Brush (in): 9-11 typical diameter
Typical Bristle Length: 1-1/2 – 3”
Speed: ranged variable, 400-1200 RPM brush
Dust Hood: 24” model: steel with hinged back, two (2)) 4” vacuum port, 1200 CFM min.
36” model: steel with hinged back, three (3) 4” vacuum ports, 1800 CFM min.
49” model: steel with hinged back, three (3) 4” vacuum ports, 1800 CFM min.
Drive Motor (TEFC): 24″ & 39″ model: 5HP
49″ models: 7-1/2HP
Power Requirements: 208-230V, 60HZ; 1 PH, 30 amp service; 3 PH, 20 amp service
Shipping Weight (lbs): 24” model: 525
36” model: 605
49” model: 775
Conveyor Motor: Direct Drive D.C motor, infinitely variable, 0-15 FPM
24″ model: 100 in.-lb. torque
36″ model: 100 in.-lb. torque
49″ model: 200in.-lb. torque