Lamello LAM-145425 Tenso P-14 Self-Locking Connectors, 300 Pair


The Tenso P-14 is a self-clamping connecting fitting with three functions: alignment, clamping and connecting. 

The very high level of clamping force allows work pieces to be glued without the need for screw clamps or pressure. 
Based on the innovative P-System profile groove from Lamello, the connector also facilitates strong anchorage in the work piece in just seconds without the need for tools. 
The two-part concealed connector meets the requirements for the implementation of a completely new connection process in interior fitting. It is an innovative connection method that facilitates an unprecedented level of flexibility, speed and simplicity throughout the entire design, production, transport and assembly process. Although the connector boasts excellent tightening force, this version is intended for use as a gluing aid. 
The additional option of pre-loading the connector prior to glue applications now enables use for all angles and miters. The individual pre-loading of the joining elements considerably reduces the required amount of force when connecting the work pieces, which is another benefit to the user. The Tenso P-14 possesses a minimal installation depth of 14 mm and can thus be used in all wood materials from 15 mm. 

Zeta P2 depth setting 14. 


• Concealed, self-clamping connector 
• High level of clamping force 
• For all angles 
• Extremely fast, tool-free installation of connectors 
• Stackable for transport, despite integrated connector 
• Lateral tolerance for efficient installation with the Zeta P2 profile groove biscuit joiner or a CNC machine 


The Tenso P-14 is primarily intended for applications in made-to-order and series production in furniture manufacturing, shop-fitting and booth construction as well as general interior fitting applications. 
Alongside firmly glued furniture or carcasses, popular applications for the Tenso P-14 also include bases, covers and other slotted connections. In addition, the Tenso P-14 is often used for ready-painted parts to prevent marks that are caused by the weights used to force the parts together. The Tenso P-14 is also the perfect solution when it comes to connections that are difficult to clamp. It also allows excessive glue to be removed more conveniently. 

• Self-clamping gluing aid for furniture, shelve units, fitted wardrobes, kitchen construction, covers, visible faces, etc. 
• Connecting fitting for concealed corner joints 
• Simpler and faster alternative to screw clamps 
• Faster gluing process; work pieces can be stacked directly after gluing 
• Application, adjustments and assembly are also possible on site 

Sold in: Full boxes of 300 sets.