Lamello LAM-257530 36Mm Dust Bag + Adapter Kit


"Lamello 257530 Dust Bag for all Biscuit Joiner Models

Products and systems by Lamello have always been designed for longevity and reliability. This legendary durability is combined with environmental stewardship in view as strict environmental regulations at our production site in Switzerland ensure that all resources are used with consideration, many of them stemming from sustainable husbandry and management.

Newly improved biscuit joiners based on the tried-and-tested original from the inventor of the system and offers the perfect combination of speed and versatility. Along with the fixed, self-clamping and detachable connecting fittings, Lamello represents the most complete and versatile wood joining system.

The base plate, swivelling front stop and stop square are now flush on both sides for efficient positioning on the work piece

Precision-machined guide and application surfaces for perfect fit of the work pieces

Slim but powerful 780 W motor

Multifunctional stop square for vertical stability as well as perfect mitres due to the application on the outer surface for 22.5 and 45° angles

Benefits of the Lamello joining system

Lateral tolerance allows for faster working without positioning aids and stops

Avoid errors when adjusting the cutting depth since both work pieces have the same groove depth

Proven cutting principle with a disc cutter ensures that the grooves are always parallel and precise, even in the case of knots or rapid working


The highly efficient, simple and accurate joining system for panels

Thin work pieces measuring 8 or 10 mm can be joined at any angle

Fixed connections of wood and panels as well as composite materials such as solid surfaces using biscuits of various sizes, the clamping element or the plastic element for solid surfaces