Maffel Carpenter Anniversary Bundle


Carpenter Chain Saw Bundle Includes

  • Carpenter’s Chain Saw 120V 925530
  • Carbide Tipped Fine-cut Saw Chain HM 400 6972
  • Chain Bar HM 400mm 204582
  • Riving Knife 400mm 204587
  • 5 Sprocket HM 204584

Carpenter’s Chain Saw 120V 925530

This is a magnificent tool for precise single-pass cuts in large beams up to 15-11/16". The powerful ZSX Ec/400 can be easily and accurately swiveled up to 60° from side to side, making this 31 lb tool the best cross-cutting saw on the market.

Like all large Mafell portable carpentry saws, the ZSX Ec/400 can be used with the Universal Guide accessory for easy set-up and precise angled cuts. The chain bar can be tilted back 10° (as you would a hand saw) making it easier to guide the saw, especially when cross-cutting multiple timbers in a row. This saw also features automatic chain lubrication with adjustable speed to eliminate oil spillage on the timber.

This Mafell chain beam saw is available with Carbide-Tipped Fine-Sawing Chains (HM Model) for the most polished wood applications or with Steel Chains (Q Model). The ZSX Ec/400 even has a patented anti-splintering plate to prevent chipping along the cutting edge. Overall, a truly extraordinary tool for your largest timbers!


  • Cross-cuts timbers up to 15-11/16" thick
  • Tilts up to 60° for precise compound angles and rafter ends


  • Parallel Guide Fence 204591
  • Combination Screw Driver 093272
  • 32.8 ft Cord


  • Cutting depth at 0°: 15-11/16"
  • Cutting depth at 45°: 11-1/16"
  • Cutting depth at 60°: 7-13/16"
  • Tilt range both directions: -60 to 60°
  • Nominal speed - no load: 3,000 to 3,600 rpm
  • Motor: 120 V
  • Current: 20 A
  • Weight: 31 lbs