Nichigo G-Tape GTAPE-1009MB Low-Reflective Masking and Repair Tape


1009MBLow-Reflective Masking and Repair TapeNichigo G-Tape 1009MB is a single sided tape made with a laminated polyethylene cloth and proprietary acrylic adhesive. 1009MB offers superior physical properties and easy handling when compared against conventional tapes. Matte black substrate absorbs visible light, which makes 1009MB an ideal media tape.


  • Easy to tear by hands straight: No cutting tool is required
  • Scrap-less: face to face contact of adhesive separates without damaging the adhesive
  • Easy repositionable: No wrinkles and good finishing
  • Residue free removal from plastics, metals, wood floor, painted surfaces, glass, and ceramics even after long term (1-1.5 month) sun light exposure
  • The matte finish substrate does not reflect lights