Pica-Marker PICA-6095 Big Dry Value Pack Long-life Mechanical Carpenter's Pencil Set (6060 + 6045)


Get Darker Strokes with 6095 Big Dry Long-life Mechanical Carpenter Pencil and Graphite Lead Refills. PICA Big Dry 6095 Long-life mechanical carpenter pencil value pack comes with the first-ever carpenter push pencil, and it is completed with one set of 12 graphite lead refills. With this pencil, you can make marks on most surfaces regardless of whether they are dry or wet, oily or dusty, or rough or glossy. The 6045 refill pack consists of leads in universal graphite, white, and red varieties. These 2B graphite leads are rectangular in shape with a 2mm x 5mm dimension. You can gently push in the leads to the desired length, and the built-in sharpener on the cap helps you get a sharp and accurate edge for bold and clear markings. The pencil holder comes with a quiver cap that can easily be clipped onto your pockets or tool belts. This way, you can keep and access the pencils on the go with a single hand. You can save time and get back to work faster. The Big Dry carpenter pencil from PICA has a no-slip grip design, and with that, the pencil can hold the smallest stump of the lead. Therefore, you get extended lead life. Furthermore, the heavy-duty pencil has a sturdy design that efficiently prevents the breaking of leads. Also, these leads are thicker and thus exhibit high durability. PICA 6095 mechanical carpenter pencil lets you stay ready at your workplace. The leads can be exchanged easily and can adapt to different surface conditions according to the applications. You can use varied lead refills with this pencil, including carpenter, stonesman, universal, and white, as per your needs.


  • The special clip on the cap enables you to fix it on your pockets and tool belts so that you can access the pencil one-handedly without wasting time.
  • The no-slip grip design of the pencil lets it hold the smallest lead stumps, thereby extending the lead life.
  • The heavy-duty pencil prevents lead breakage, and the leads are remarkably strong and durable.
  • The built-in sharpener on the quiver cap gives you precisely sharp tips for bold and legible makings.


  • Marks on almost all surfaces, no matter if dry or wet, glossy or rough, dusty or oily, rectangular leads 2x5mm


  • PICA Big Dry Long-life mechanical carpenter pencil combo pack consists of the first-ever carpenter push pencil and 2B graphite lead refills.
  • The refill pack offered by PICA comprises 12 leads in universal graphite, white, and red color varieties.
  • The rectangular graphite leads have a 2mm x 5mm dimension.
  • PICA 6095-model mechanical carpenter pencil offers a sharpener on its cap, and the pencil comes with a no-slip grip design.


  • (1) Big Dry® Longlife Mechanical Carpenter's Pencil
  • (1) 6045 12/Pack Refill (4) Universal Graphite, (4) White, (4) Red