Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router + Plate Kit

SAVE: $100.00

Kit Includes:


  • Shaper Branded Systainer³ M437 Carrying Case
  • Two rolls of ShaperTape (150-ft each)
  • Tool change accessories
  • Reusable transport locks
  • USB A/C dual flash drive
  • 1/4-inch up-spiral flat router bit
  • 1/8-inch up-spiral flat router bit
  • 60 degree engraving router bit


  • MINI-Systainer
  • Low Profile Clamps
  • System 32 Pin
  • Leveling Feet

Shaper Origin Details:

Bring digital precision to the craft of woodworking with Origin – the handheld CNC router. Cut with unparalleled precision, flexibility and efficiency. Origin is the world’s first hand-held CNC router. With onboard automatic cut correction, Origin makes precision cutting easy. Avoid the envelope limits of traditional CNC machines and tackle projects at a wide range of scales with a single, compact tool. With annual system updates and optional extensions, Origin is the only power tool that gets better with age. Create simple designs on the tool itself, or using Shaper Studio. You can also upload an existing design of your own. Additionally, Origin-ready files and hardware templates are available on ShaperHub. 

  • Automatic cut correction
  • No programming required
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • On-tool design
  • Suitable with a range of router bits
  • Precise depth control
  • Easy adjustments for tight fitting joints
  • Cut perfect box joints and mortise and tenons
  • Work at any scale

Shaper Plate Details:

Shaper Plate is the universal template for Origin. Shaper Plate brings efficiency and precision to your projects when installing hardware, inlaying in slabs, corner rounding, routing system 32 holes in cabinetry, and much, much more. Multiple flags and a fence allow for adaptable fixturing on virtually any workpiece. Plate's pull-down reticle makes it simple to align with marks on your workpiece. The anti-slip backing means that you can use Plate on most surfaces without clamping.