sia Abrasives Non-Woven Hand Sanding Pads (10-Packs)

$12.40 - $18.78

Aluminum Oxide (nonwoven) Hand Pad


A range of non-woven fibre hand pads for cleaning, blending and finishing applications.

  • White - Non-abrasive: For the removal of oxides and coatings, produces a scratch-free finish.
  • Grey - XX-fine: for light finishing on all materials as well as lacquer de-nibbing.
  • Maroon - X-fine: General-purpose hand pad for cleaning, blending and finishing, producing a regular constant finish.
  • Green - Fine: General-purpose hand pad for cleaning and finishing. It can also be used for lacquer de-nibbing and matt finishing on solid surfaces.
  • Black - Medium: For medium to coarse cleaning, blending and finishing with Silicon Carbide for a finer finish.
  • Brown -Coarse: Heaviest duty pad in the range. Used for light deburring, cleaning and finishing applications, e.g. deburring edges of sheet materials to improve handling.
  • Size: 155 x 225mm. Supplied in packs of 10.