sia Abrasives PSA Discs for Stationary Machines

$1.35 - $14.50

For optimal performance on softwood 2920 siawood is ideal for manual sanding and belt sanding in plywood and softwood board production, and offers high stock removal rates, long life and excellent finish in coarse to fine sanding applications.


  • Perfect surface finishes thanks to TopTec
  • Dust-free process: antistatic construction gives low dust formation on belt, workpiece and machinery
  • Suitable for long periods of use thanks to very robust backing and optimised grit spreading technology
  • High removal rate when working on softwood and hardwood with coarser grits


  • Flush sanding of edges
  • Coarse sanding in plywood manufacturing
  • Intermediate sanding in plywood manufacturing
  • Coarse sanding of laminated softwood panels
  • Intermediate sanding of laminated softwood panels
  • Fine sanding of laminated softwood panels
  • Sanding and removal of paints and lacquers

Materials: Soft wood; Hard wood; Resinous wood; Mineral material; Old lacquer; Old paint; Body filler; Primer filler; Plywood panel; MDF board; Chipboard

Grit type: Semi-friable aluminium oxide

Backing: y-wt cloth, cotton P016 – P050 x-wt cloth, cotton P060 – P320

Coating: Electrostatic open P016 – P120, Closed P150 – P320

Bonding: resin over resin

Equipment: TopTec