sia Abrasives SIA-381704270 6in 1950 Disc Festool (50-Pack)

  • At full throttle to the perfect finish
  • The versatile all-round product 1950 siaspeed impresses with its high stock removal rate, perfect surface quality and long service life - for example when processing filler, filler, paint and paint.
  • Applications: grinding of coatings and contaminants; Grinding of unevenness in the edge area of ​​the repair site; Surface grinding of filler and filler; Fine grinding of filler; Sand old and new paints
  • Advantages: Very high stock removal rate with a good finish; Performance-enhancing grain mix with ceramic corundum in the grain 40 - 80; Minimal clogging thanks to open scatter in grain size 220 - 600; Very long service life; Lower abrasive consumption; Versatile all-round product with an attractive range
  • Main application (material): color; Ink pen; Spatula; Paint; old paint; Primer; Primer epoxy; Primer KTL; Plastic; Acrylic; Gelcoat polyester; Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Binding: full synthetic resin
  • Grain standard: FEPA P / ISO 6344
  • Grain type: mixed grain with ceramic content; Semi-precious corundum / blue rim
  • Cut: dry grinding
  • Safety recommendation: Observe the abrasive safety data sheet (available from sia Abrasives); Compliance with general FEPA safety recommendations; Use of eye and face protection; Use an effective dust extraction system or wear a fine dust mask
  • Special surface: stearate
  • Scattered: electrostatic; electrostatically open
  • Underlay: paper