Stabila STAB-06320 LD-320 Laser Measure


The most compact laser distance measure in its class with 130'/40 m range AND 11 Functions.


  • Provides all the measuring technology that most craftsmen need on the building site.
  • Rapid measurements- easy to operate measuring functions
  • Good readability thanks to large figures and illuminated display
  • Impact-resistant housing with shock-absorbing STABILA soft grip casing
  • The LD320 fulfils the new international standard ISO 16331-1 certification for repeatable accuracy
  • Avaliable scales: 0'00",0'00"1/16, 0'00ft, 0.00m, 0.000m,
  • Instantly converts measurements to any scale. Inches to mm, meters to feet, etc...
  • Accuracy 3/32" over entire 130' range

Type LD320

Catalog # 06320
Accuracy +/- 3/32"
Range 130'
Battery Life Up to 3000 measurments
Battery Type 2 x AAA
Laser Class II
Output <1mW
Laser Wavelength 635nm
Weight lbs 0.65