Stabila STAB-07000 Layout Station Rechargeable Battery Pack for LA180L


Full power at all times thanks to rechargeable battery technology


  • AE-LA180L rechargeable battery pack for STABILA LA 180 L Layout Station
  • Allows the unit to charge while working – the laser can be used at any time.
  • High-performance NiMH rechargeable battery for long periods of work — operating time approx. 30 hours.
  • Fast charging — ready in no more than 8 hours.
  • Includes 4 country-specific interchangeable adapters: CEE 7/16, BS 1363, AS 3112, NEMA 1-15 – approved for use in the European Union, the USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.


Battery type: NiMH

Rechargeable Battery Pack for LA180L

NiMH rechargeable battery, mains adapter, 4 country-specific interchangeable adapters CEE 7-16 / BS 1363 / AS 3112 / NEMA 1-15