Stanley Hand Tools FMHT36325S 2018 FATMAX 25 ft. Tape Measure


2018 FATMAX 25 ft. Tape Measure
The 2018 FATMAX 25-foot tape measure is more durable and ergonomic than ever before. It's equipped with 2 times the amount of blade protection against abrasion, rust and wear thanks to BladeArmor coating to reinforce the hook end and new MAXShield coating along the entire blade. This tape was designed with 13 feet of straighter standout and dual spring Twin-Core Technology for a reduced tape size with maintained strength and performance. Plus, it has a drop rating of up to 50 feet, an improved belt clip and an easy-to-use blade lock.


  • 13-ft of Straighter Standout for reach and efficiency (standout based on maximum performance at 10-ft compared to FMHT33502)
  • New MaxShield blade coating and 2X more BladeArmor coating for enhanced blade durability
  • Screw-free belt clip design makes it easy to fasten and remove
  • Easy-to-Use lock engages and disengages with ease and hold strong when locked
  • Comfortable, ergonomic grip