STIHL STL-42247101403 FW20 CutQuik Cart for TS410, TS420, TS700 and TS800


STIHL 4224 710 1403 FW20 CutQuik Cart for TS410, TS420, TS700 and TS800.

The STIHL Cutquik Cart is specially designed for use with STIHL cut-off machines when cutting expansion cuts or curbs and a wheeled tool is necessary. This cart offers improved handling and cutting performance with a forward weight orientation and a tool-less quick connect system. The cart also features a large deflector as well as sealed bearing wheels to help keep out dust and debris. The handle folds for easy transport, making this lightweight, compact and portable cart an ideal accessory for anyone that uses a cut-off machine.


  • Particularly useful where long, straight cuts have to be made, such as cutting expansion joints in road surfaces or squaring off edges in asphalt.
  • Easily accepts all models of STIHL Cutquik cut-off machines.
  • Adjustable handle for comfort.
  • Handle folds for storage or transport.
  • Depth wheel kit for STIHL Cutquik cart.
  • Cutting guide for Cutquik cart.
  • Optional water tank mounts on cart. Holds 3.4 gallons. Easily removed for refilling.